You can easily apply with our Aviation flight academy. Just contact us at our academy and know the complete procedure about the training programs.

Well, if you have any doubts regarding the training just fill out the inquiry form and write to us. We will fix a meeting with our professionals who can better guide you about the program and training.

Anyone who has a dream to become a Pilot passionately can fulfil his dream. However, you need essential skills and knowledge for sure. Apart from that, you must have- Good concentration, strong teamwork skills, ability to lead, ability to stay calm under pressure, Good hand-to-eye coordination.

You can pay training fees in instalments, in advance, or inline as per your training schedule and chosen program.

Yes, of course! We do have dormitory accommodations where students can stay comfortably. If it’s already full, then we have hotels where students can reside.

Our academy is open for all students from all over the world who are desperate to be in the aviation industry. The intercultural competency ensures that students can learn easily, breaking all the barriers of language and atmosphere change.

We are very strict about aviation safety; hence we make sure there are no loopholes. Plus, our professionals timely check on the highest safety levels.

Adventure Flight Education is a commercial organization and we do not provide any kind of financial support or scholarship. But, we can definitely help you in the process of payment by making your instalments as per your chosen program.