Multi-Engine Rating

The Multi-Engine (ME) Piston Rating allows a pilot to get trained in twin-engine aircraft. The training course consists of seven hours of ground school training & six hours of flight training that need to be completed in the VFR conditions.

Before getting started with this course, aspirants must have CPL (A) or PPL (A) with a minimum of 70 hours of training as a pilot in command time. This course generally takes one week to complete. Upon completion of this training, one must score above 75% in written exams and stand on the practical skills test.

Complex aircraft means that the aircraft has a controllable pitch propeller and retractable flaps, landing gear. Since the new concepts were added, a pilot can better understand the rules governing certification and new engine aerodynamics. Apart from this, medical requirements are the same that is required of the private pilot license. Connect with our experts and know more about the course and session!